About Your Piano Lessons

A comprehensive education.

Rooted in Classical piano technique, my approach includes all the necessary fundamentals to be a properly-trained, well-rounded pianist. Whether you’re looking to play professionally or as a hobby, you’ll be using a method that has not only worked for so piano players worldwide, but is comprehensive and effective in its approach. Moreover, you’ll be working one-on-one with an instructor who is passionate, energetic, and dedicated in raising the standards and helping you grow at the piano. My teaching method is crafted to help you read music, hear music, and feel music through numerous active learning scenarios, including studies such as sight-reading, ear-training, composition, and yes, movement! Your lessons include the following components:

A complete method.

With your piano lessons being rooted in proper Classical technique, all of your lessons target the following components of proper piano music instruction:

  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Scales, chords, arpeggios, ornamentations, and exercises
  • Ear Training
  • Sight Reading
  • Composition/Improvisation
  • Piano Performance

You be the composer.

One of the unique aspects about your lessons are the opportunities you have to compose your own music. As you begin to develop your piano-playing abilities using proper technique, you’ll be able to extend that understanding into your own piano works and masterpieces. Being able to play by sight and by ear are both critical skills to have as a pianist and are fostered at all age levels in my studio.

Recorded lessons, and your personal lesson manager.

Staying organized, structured and focused is essential in making significant progress at the piano. In efforts to accommodate this goal, I have developed an online lesson manager (built on-site) to help supplement your lessons. Through this program, you can interact with training tools, track your progress as you advance to different levels of proficiency in your lessons, and you can even message me with any questions you have during the week.

Perhaps the most helpful feature of the online lesson manager is your ability to listen to recordings of your lessons. Each week, I record and upload your piano lesson to the website for you to download, along with notes attached telling you what to focus on as you practice.

Performance experience.

There are two recitals a year in my studio, one in the winter and one in the spring. These recitals are held on an elegant stage with a spectacular, beautifully-tuned Yamaha baby grand piano. In addition to the two recitals, I am currently planning a Saturday theory class that will be held every two months. In addition to being an excellent supplement to lessons, the theory class will also provide students opportunities to perform in front of each other on a consistent basis.

Keeping the goals defined.

Every quarter, I provide student assessments where I take notes on which concepts have been presented and record information about student progress and overall performance. The purpose of assessments is to determine where we are in the learning process and what goals we wish to set out to accomplish once we’ve reached certain levels of mastery. In addition, they help us maintain focus, keep track of what’s been covered, and indicate areas upon which we need to improve.

Every student can, and will, succeed!

Anyone can learn to play the piano, if they have the right focus and determination in mind. In fact, the ones that develop a sincere passion for playing are the ones that find the most success! I trust that each student who enters the studio is more than capable of reaching true mastery at the piano, as long as they maintain an interest in it. My goal is always to provide engaging activities that will promote an exciting, empowering environment to learn and grow in their ability to play the piano.